Welcome to Mimosa Marketing, LLC

Mimosa Marketing is an internet marketing company. We own and operate a variety of retail and informational websites. We are always on the lookout for under served market niches and seek to fulfill our visitors needs by helping them locate the highest quality products, services and information available.

Dedication to Quality
We only sell or promote products and services that we would use ourselves. Sometimes this means that we’re not the cheapest on the market. We’re OK with that! There is a lot of cheap junk out there… we wouldn’t buy it and neither should you. We believe that Quality is Priceless and that intelligent informed consumers will be willing to pay slightly more if they are sure they’re getting a better product.

Time is Money
While this phrase commonly congers up images of grouchy bosses tongue-lashing their employees into more productive behavior, we believe that our customer’s time is often more valuable to them than money. We each are only give 24 hours in a day & it’s a shame to waste it looking for something you know is out there, but you just can’t seem to find it. Our job is to help you find what you’re looking for.

Isn’t that the job of search engines you may ask? Yes & No. Even though the search engines are written by some very smart people, they still rely on webmasters putting the right information on their websites. Unfortunately, many web designers are trained to create beautiful artistically pleasing websites. They only think about how the visitor will interact with the site but not about how the search engine will analyze it. If the search engine reads incorrect or incomplete information, it may never refer any visitors… which means almost no one will ever see the “pretty” website.

Our Partners

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